Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation Controllers

Irrigation ControllersThe controller is the heart of your system. Since each clients requirements may be different, there are a number of controllers we chose from. Each one has strengths and we will suggest which controller we think is right for your site.

You will find that there are many features included in todays controllers that allow them to monitor water flow, start pumps, download watering times and numerous other features. We will explain any or all of these features so you can make the best decision for your project.

Standard controllers


Rain Bird Ec Controllers | Hunter SRC Plus Controller



Rain Bird ESP Modular Series | Toro TMC-212 Series | Hunter XC Controller | Hunter Pro-C Controller



Rain Bird ESP-LX Modular Series | Toro TMC-424 Series | Hunter ICC Controller


Smart controllers

Toro Intelli-Sense

Rain Bird ET Manager

Hunter ET System

Weathermatic SL1600