Why Sylvia

Why Choose Sylvia Irrigation?

Rain Bird Select ContractorThe success of your irrigation system depends largely on the contractor you choose to install it. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how good your sprinklers, valves or controllers are if they aren't designed and installed properly.

In fact, how your irrigation system is designed and installed will make the difference between a system that is reliable and keeps your lawn green and healthy, and one that is troublesome, wastes water and doesn't water properly.

Irrigation designYou can rest assured that Sylvia Irrigation will always be at the forefront of design and installation techniques. When you chose Sylvia Irrigation, you will have at your disposal a mechanical engineer and Rain Bird certified technicians.

You'll find most contractors will tell you they know what they are doing because they have been in business for x-years. This doesn't tell you much at all, if their customers have not been informed or educated on how a system is designed, they may have been installing poorly designed systems the entire time.


Sylvia Irrigation has aligned itself with the four largest, most respected, sprinkler manufacturers. Rain Bird, Toro, Hunter and Nelson. Although each manufacturer is a leader in its own right, no single company on the market today has always made the best rotor, spray head, valve, and controller.

Rotors in operationSince all our designs are based on the client's specific needs and desires you can rest assured that we will install the best product for your job. It is our best interest as well. If we install poor equipment, we are going to be coming back to do warrantee work for nothing.

For the last five years we have averaged a 1.3% warrantee rate. This means for every 100 sprinklers we install, less than 2 have failed prematurely.


To make certain you get a trouble free system, Sylvia Irrigation has ensured that only professional material and proven installation techniques are used in our operation. It is because of this resolve that we can guarantee our clients a technically accurate design and a properly installed system. We are able to promise this because each and every system is either designed by, or certified by our staff of engineers.

Irrigation PlansYou can rest assured that not only the designing of your system will be verified by our engineers, but one will also be onsite during the installation. The ultimate result is a fully functioning irrigation system designed to meet the individual character of the project. This is our philosophy and we stand behind it with a 2 year warrantee.


Having a system installed is a relatively straightforward procedure. A typical residential property can be installed in 1-2 days and your lawn won't be damaged in the process. Our equipment allows us to install your system without having to dig up your lawn. (see pulling and trenching pages)

Average system pricing for a typical home starts as low as $2,000 up to $5,000. Prices vary according to your yard's size and landscape layout.