Fall Closings

Irrigation Winterization

Summer Is Over

Fall Irrigation System WinterizeWhen the summer finally comes to a close and the temperatures begin to drop, its time to start thinking about shutting down your system. If you have signed up for a service contract you will be called automatically to schedule your appointment. If you have not signed up for a Service Contract, but would like us to close your system, just give us a call. We will make an appointment with you and close your system for the season.


100 CFM CompressorIf you live here on Cape Cod, you will need to "winterize" your system to protect it. The only question is "how?" We strongly recommend you have a professional perform your fall closing to ensure the longevity of your system.


What you need to know if you are going to do it yourself…

  • Winter freezing100 CFM compressor for pipe with 2" diameter or less 250 CFM compressor for pipe 4" or larger.
  • Be careful to introduce air into the system gradually to avoid high pressure surges.
  • NEVER let the air pressure exceed 50-80 psi.
  • It usually takes about three minutes to evacuate each zone.
  • Reduce the amount of time compressed air is moving through dry pipes.
  • Don't blow out the system through a pump.

* For specific instructions or limitations for your system, please refer to the manufacturers recommendations.

Rainbirds DIY GUIDE

Freezing Damage

We want to make sure homeowners are aware of the consequences of improper drainage of sprinkler systems.

Besides the immediate and obvious effects that freezing water has on the sprinklers and valves, the damage to pipes is less obvious. Over the years, the effects of repeated water expansion inside the pipes can weaken those pipes and lead to failure. If your system contains any PVC pipe, there is no question; improper drainage will almost certainly result in immediate damage.

Winterizing an irrigation system in West Harwich
Winterizing an irrigation system in West Harwich
Winterizing an irrigation system in West Harwich
Winterizing an irrigation system in West Harwich